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How To Root Your Android Phone Using KingRoot

Link for KingRoot http://sh.st/5imdd Video Didn't work for you? Go Here http://sh.st/3DBsk You need to enter the url on your web browser and than wait for 5 seconds than click on "Skip This Ad" to go the site. Click on the download button to download the KingRoot apk. Install the apk and make sure the unknown sources is check on under settings and security tab. Open the app and go all the way to the bottom and click on "Try it" and than it will go though the process of rooting your device. Make sure to not do anything awhile its rooting your device or else you can mess up the root. After that download a root checker app from the play store to see if it have root access. That's it you are done, you really don't need superuser since kingroot is basically superuser in which when a app is asking permission to do something kingroot will pop up and you could either decline or accept it but you can install superuser if you perfer to use that I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR DEVICE DUE TO USING THIS PROGRAM. YOU ARE TAKING FULL RESPONSIBILITY WHEN USING THIS APP AND THIS WILL VOID THE WARRANTY ON YOUR PHONE If you have any questions please comment down below or message me IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO PLEASE COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!

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